The Blue Fringe 2021 Art & Literature Festival will launch on Friday 15 October online with the Awards to be announced on Saturday 23 October 2021.

The festival will include a Youth and Adult category for



Monetary prizes will be awarded for each category. 

Entries are open now and will close at 11:59pm on Monday 4 October 2021

This year, the Blue Fringe Exhibition & Awards will be held completely online and a 2021 Collected Works book will also be printed. All entries must be submitted online as digital files.  Please contact us if you need technical support to enter. 

Entry into the Blue Fringe 2021 Art and Literature Festival is open to adults 18 years and over with a lived experience of mental illness, and young people of high school age in celebration of mental wellbeing and resilience.  You can enter into multiple categories, but only one entry per person is permitted per category.  All work must be original and must not have been previously entered in Blue Fringe.  One online entry form must be submitted for each entry.


All work will be anonymous when judged. All work entered into Blue Fringe 2021 will be featured in the online 3D gallery, 2D gallery and online book on the Blue fringe website, and included in the Blue Fringe 2021 Collected Works printed book. Work may also be featured in Blue Fringe promotional material and content after the exhibition.  


All entrants will receive a copy of the Blue Fringe 2021 Collected Works book as a gift. The book will also be available for sale on this website.  Art, photography, sculpture and textiles work can be made available for sale on this website during the exhibition at the artists' discretion.  All proceeds from sales will go directly to the artists.   



  • Art and Photography entries must be no more than 1m x 1m in size. 

  • Sculpture and Textiles entries must weigh no more than 10kg.

  • To enter Blue fringe 2021 you are required to take a good quality photograph of your work. Please ensure the image of your work is well lit, clear and in focus, has plenty of clear space around your piece so nothing is cropped, and the background is removed or is very plain so it doesn't impact the appearance of your work. Any background shown will removed for judging and exhibiting. To watch a video with some tips on how to photograph your art click here

  • The image you submit is the image that will be judged and exhibited. For Sculpture and Textiles, please submit four images showing different angles, sides or details of your work. All four images will be used for judging and one image will be selected by the Blue Fringe Committee for display in the virtual exhibition.

  • Image files must be a minimum of 1MB and a maximum of 5MB in size.

  • An image-width of 1900 pixels is recommended.

  • Files can be in .png or .jpg format however compressed high quality jpg files are recommended. 

  • You will also be required to submit the real-life dimensions of your work so it can be represented at scale in the virtual gallery.    

  • An artist's statement can be submitted to be featured in the virtual exhibition and the printed book, however this will not be featured with the work for judging.  



  • Poetry entries must have no more than 350 words.  Short Story entries must have no more than 1000 words. 

  • Each literature entry must be submitted as a PDF or Word document. PDF files are recommended to ensure the text format is retained. 

  • All literature entries will be reformatted with a standard typeface and layout for judging and publishing.  Every effort will be made to retain original structure and spacing of the text. 

  • If a visual representation of a literature work is entered, this may be featured in the exhibition but will not be used for judging to ensure the words are considered in their own right.  

To view and download a pdf of entry information click here.

If you have any queries or need technical support to enter, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact us form on this site, via email or call Springwood Neighbourhood Centre on 02 4751 3033 or Belong Blue Mountains on 02 4782 1117.

If you need to speak with someone about submitting your Blue Fringe entry on Monday 4 October, please call Imelda on 0481 775 447.