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ART - Instructions, Terms and Conditions

Bennett D - Brain Fog.jpeg

Entry into the Blue Fringe Art and Literature Festival is open to adults 18 years and over with a lived experience of mental health, and young people of high school age in celebration of mental wellbeing and resilience.

Entries open 29th July and Close 25th Aug

Please contact us if you need any help to submit your entry.


  • Take a good quality photograph of your work to upload with the application.

  • Please ensure the image of the work is well lit, clear and in focus, has plenty of clear space around the piece so nothing is cropped, and the background is removed or is very plain so it doesn't impact the appearance of the work. Any background shown will removed for judging and exhibiting.

  • Keep your painting upright — To avoid distortion (such as the bottom of your image being wider than the top) make sure your painting is upright — either by hanging it on a wall or propping it on an easel. If you can't achieve a perfect upright position, ensure your phone and painting are at the same angle.

  • Image files must be a minimum of 1MB and a maximum of 5MB in size.

  • An image-width of 1900 pixels is recommended.

  • Files can be in .png or .jpg format however compressed high quality jpg files are recommended. 

  • Your physical artwork must be delivered to the Wentworth Falls TAFE 18th or 21st October

  • Your artwork must be framed and ready to hang and have D rings attached, where appropriate.

Watch a video with some tips on how to photograph your art

Watch a video with some tips on how to attach D Rings



  • All Art, Photography, Sculpture & Textiles entries for Blue Fringe are to use the online form. 

  • One complete entry form must be submitted for each entry.

  • Entries must also be delivered to the exhibition on nominated dates.

  • You can submit up to one entry in each category for your age group.

  • All artworks must be framed and ready to hang.

  • Sculpture and Textiles entries must weigh no more than 10kg.  

  • Art and Photography entries must be no more than 1m x 1m in size.

  • The image submitted is the image that will appear in the Complete Works book and is at the discretion of the committee. 

  • Artist's statement will be featured in the book, however, this will not be included with the work for judging.

  • All art and literature will be anonymous when judged.

  • Each entrant will receive a copy of the Collected Works Book.

  • Artworks may also be featured in future Blue Fringe promotions.

  • All personal information provided with your entry will be kept private and confidential, with the exception of the name you nominate for publishing with your work.


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